About Verrazano

Expert Financial Services

Verrazano Consulting Solutions LLC is a business advisory and systems implementation global consultancy, with deep subject matter expertise in niche financial services applications and key standards and industry mandates.

Our firm provides a unique methodology called “ISOTOPE” to ensure business and IT unified solutions are delivered to our Customers.

Our subject matter experts have a unique combination of extensive lines of business functional domain knowledge, across various market segments involving key business processes and niche financial services applications and standards based expertise to provide the maximum value to our Customers.

Our global Customers include Tier 1 and Tier 2 financial services organizations and the treasury departments of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations.

Our History

Formed in March 2005, Verrazano Consulting Solutions LLC (“Verrazano”) was created to provide advisory and implementation professional services to the financial services organizations, as well as treasury management business of corporations.

Verrazano’s founders and their partner firms have extensive financial technology and Wall Street experience/relationships from marketing leading software vendors, financial services organizations, and key industry associations to bring maximum value to its Customers.

The primary focus of the firm is to market financial services-related domain expertise to assist our Customers for planning and delivery of mission-critical initiatives for the institutional side of the financial institutions and treasury management corporate lines of business; with a heavy emphasis on “mandated, funded endeavors”. These mandates entail trading, enterprise reconciliation, enterprise risk management, corporate actions, treasury/cash management, payments, and compliance.

As it relates to mandated, funded endeavors, Verrazano benefits from a perpetual growth area of its market; as it provides subject matter expertise pertaining the financial services organizations’ business and IT operations. The firm’s services empower financial institutions to meet the requirements for key industry mandates such as: MIFID/MIFID-II, MIFIR, EMIR, Dodd-Frank/Volcker Rule, RegNMS, FATCA, and other pertinent initiatives.

Verrazano’s role is as a trusted advisor, placing one or a small group of key domain experts in each project, which helps financial companies to maximize the abilities and efforts of their own business and IT staffs; without requiring a high-cost, high-risk undertaking to reorganize their lines of business to meet the requirements of industry mandates such as those cited above.

From a market positioning standpoint, Verrazano is a financial services market professional services specialty provider that presides in between high-end costly management consulting firms, commodity-IT based consulting providers, and software vendors’ own consultancies.

Financial institutions’ investments in Verrazano’s professional services are not necessarily mutually exclusive as it relates to use of management and IT based consulting providers, as Verrazano’s services often both complement and optimize the use of third-party providers.