ISOTOPE Solution Methodology

What is unique about the company is that Verrazano’s domain experts have a combination of financial business operational processes/standards and financial niche technical application skills, thus providing a unique blend of experience and beneficial value to our Customers when delivering their mission critical solutions for their key initiatives.

Due to Verrazano’s management long-standing presence in both the financial services industry and in the niche financial software/services vendor provider space, which provide solutions to this marketplace; the company possesses a unique advantage as the firm’s management understands the complex requirements involved, has a vast network of significant relationships, and quickly locates these domain experts to render professional services in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

The firm has a significant global and domestic network of financial services subject matter experts, who act as trusted advisors; liaising between the business units and IT (central and line of business) groups to bridge (and thus the Verrazano Narrows Bridge analogy) their business operational and technical requirements to deliver successful, timely, efficient, and agile solutions.

To this end, the firm offers the “ISOTOPE” Methodology, which is an acronym for the “Integrated Strategic Operational Topics Planning and Execution” approach to unify the business and technical requirements for these institutional mission critical initiatives that face the financial organizations.

In more recent times, Verrazano’s management has observed that its Customers more frequently required the “forest view” of their operations, as opposed to smaller components of their operations such as particular asset classes (i.e., part of their equities or income portfolios,).